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Welcome to a Preview of AstroMate

This tour will give you an overview of what AstroMate will offer.

Please feel free to send in your comments and questions about the site.

We have been working hard on AstroMate to make it the best matchmaking site on the web. This tour will show you what AstroMate will look like and should explain what it is all about.

The first thing you will do, after you become a member of AstroMate, is to fill out your personal AstroProfile. Your AstroProfile contains information regarding your age, sex, relationship that you are seeking, the desired age of your perfect mate, your self description and more. The AstroProfile essentially describes you and allows you to set some basic criteria of the person you are seeking. This AstroProfile also contains your planet and house positions, which will enable you to find your perfect mate by our Love Thermometer.

So let's check out the [PROFILE]

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